My work has matriculated by finding a passion in the underrated and unrecognized. There is beauty and intrigue in those who have loud minds but are soft spoken. Their actions speak for them and give an impression of power. In this world where the outspoken and dominant are admired, these people are overlooked. My inspiration comes from this idea of power being not by words but by body language. Body language gives an interpretation of an individual's intellect, uniqueness, and individuality. By using colors that represent fire and passion, I make my own interpretation of the underrated and powerful that I admire and turning them inside-out. Those who have inspired me have been my loving family, friends, and every day people who give a feeling of strength and wisdom by just being in their presence. 

Hippie Queen Artwork embraces power, independence, and free spirits. Please enjoy my interpretation of a hippie queen as well as the non-physical attributes of a hippie queen including grace, uniqueness, and intellect. In addition to these works, I have added custom paintings that were requested where I add in my own style to each work. Please, enjoy and share!